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Friday, July 29, 2011

Guys That Sing Without Talent

A guy with an amazing voice, especially while singing, can be extremely sexy. But I don't want sexy when I can have utterly adorable. I've had the pleasure of witnessing this attraction in two different forms:

The first is when a guy sings under his breath like a sweet whispering song:
It was the car ride home that made a particular night out more memorable than the rest. I enjoyed the side-by-side moment within the silence of our voices in respect to those of the nation's biggest sensations over the high frequencies. The only thing I didn't oppose to breaking this silence is the subtle singing along to the ever so popular Bedrock by Young Money. Thus ever since, this profane compilation of lyrics oddly brings a smile to my face, the same smile that came across my face as I turned to my left noticing the subtle moving lips of my night's companion.

The second is when a guy sings aloud like a humorous karaoke ballad: I talk about the details of my life frequently with those closest to me, whom in this case happen to be a few undergraduates of a different major. In the middle of my rambles on a particular, but ordinary weeknight spent bothering these undergraduates in their respective academic building, I heard the sudden uproar of the ever popular lyrics of Cher. Upon looking up, I noticed the horrendously pleasant voice was coming from a male seemingly without a worry in the world. There may be several reasons why a smile came across my face as I looked up at that moment, but this was definitely the main one.

Though a voice may sound bad, quiet or loud, it's the life in melodious moments that bring happiness. Has not a song always been so? A bedtime lullaby, a teenage serenade, a wedding ballad...This is number thirteen.

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