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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guys That Spectate Through The Looking Glass

The world is a strange place: people who need glasses try to hide it by wearing contacts and people who don't need glasses try to fake it by wearing frames. (Not to mention, the latter is one of my biggest pet peeves. What, are you asking to be blind?) I must admit, I haven't realized my attraction to spectacles since I moved from the place I grew up. I blame all of the sight-impaired guys I grew up around, they always wore contacts.

Or maybe I was biased by his resemblance
to one of my favorite men of all time.
Suddenly, within a year of leaving said place, I've had the privilege of meeting a few handsome spectacle sporters.
One of the firsts I met was a sweet soul that sported round retro spectacles. As a gentleman with traditional views on lifestyle choices and a love for old fashioned hold-in-your-hands literature, they suited him well. They also complimented his not-out-of-the-ordinary ensemble of non-denim pantalons, dark-colored blazers, and the occasional perfectly-balanced bow tie.

Living in such a large city, I've been generously handed a handful of handsome spectacle sporters as eye-candy. Attending such a tiny university, I've been granted the opportunity of crossing mutual paths with handsome spectacle sporters that randomly friend me on Facebook. To be truthful, that's actually only happened once. Have you ever walked down the street and thought you recognized someone that was coming in your direction, stared, and continued to wonder? I haven't. Have you ever walked down the street and recognized someone that was coming in your direction, and shouted out their name with a smile? I haven't. Have you ever walked down the street and knew you recognized someone that was coming in your direction, said nothing because you never personally met them, and caught them do a double take as you double took? I have. Being completely truthful once again, I have to say, this certain someone would not be nearly as interesting on the surface, and therefore would not have caught my double-taking attention, if not for his black, semi-oversized, plastic spectacles.

Another particular guy and myself spent over an hour talking about our love for spectacles earlier this week. It was initially brought up by the news of his breaking only a few months after he had gotten them. Funny thing about those now broken spectacles is, also a few months prior to today, I was going back and forth between the pair I own now and the model exactly like his. That is to say, we have very similar taste when it comes to certain apparel, and if you know me, that's something a little difficult to achieve. But just when I thought I was gaining my individualism again, from a wide Google selection of Chanel opticals, we both picked out the same exact model as our favorite. As I admitted to him during this revelation, my pursuit of being unlike any other I know personally can't help but be a little bit envious of his character. But what I failed to mention, was the multiple times our mutual friends have personally told me, in various ways, that we were a match made in swagger.


All three men were obviously fashionably aware of themselves. And though each has a very different approach on style, all share the ability to proudly wear their eyes in two pairs of two. The best thing, they were sight-impaired when I first met them and there has not been a day I haven't seen them without their optometrist-necessary means of spectating. Thus, this is number eleven.

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