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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guys That Shoot Hoops

Two words: Derrick Rose.

Contrary to popular belief, my obsession with Rose did not come from the fact that I currently live in the city he plays for, nor does it come from the fact that he was crowned MVP 2011. Though both of those have put the double cherry on top, my obsession with D. Rose #1 began with a game I saw him play his rookie year. I am not a sports fan. But the only sport I'm actually willing to play–or attempt to anyway–is basketball. Likewise, the only association/league I enjoy watching is the NBA. My husband, as I like to call him, beasted that game. And every time the camera zoomed up on his face as the announcers screamed about his successes, I had this single thought: "He looks a little like..."
This dot dot dot can be filled in by the name of a particular male I had one single class with his graduating year of high school. His smileImpeccable. Jawline? Impeccable. And not to mention the perfect amount of darkness. (Yeah, it does matter personally, whether you're African American or not.) Oh did I mention he was an athlete in our high school as well? Guess which team. And though I only got to know him for a short semester, there has always been Facebook, which left just the right amount of room for flirtation.

It just so happens that one of his good friends is another gentleman I went to school with. In this case, for over five years. He was the cutie any girl would make her first crush on the playground. And it would only be here that she would see him each day. I hate school, and to be honest, males make attending it more entertaining. And athletes, or rather basketball players, make the pool of them less boring. As the class clown and my top competitor in the race for the largest kicks collection, this guy has definitely liven my high school years.

So I haven't really seen either of them play. I never attended a high school game in my life. But give me a break, I never was a big school spirit. The point is, the facts alone speak as sexy. I refer to Rose as my husband because he's the one celeb crush that isn't too old for me and because we're bound to bump into each other living in the same city right?. Well, reality is that's a far stretch, and that is why this is number twelve.

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