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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Guys That Prefer Canines Over Felines

This may not be the most bizarre, out-of-this-world attraction, but rather it is something that has caught my attention most recently. On a personal note, I'm a "dog person" living miles away from my dog. And if there was one thing I can miss the most, it would be him, my pup.

Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of being approached by the man walking his female Boston Terrier in her leather collar dangling a shiny tag labeled "Martin." In fact, I have not met any guy who I can talk about and concretely say, "He was a dog person." But I do remember a heated instance where an ungentlemanly boy claimed my pup as his own over Facebook. I say it was heated because my reaction was just that, with all the passion in my heart for canines, let alone for my own son, I barked back and the whole world knew I was off my leash. I may have reacted with a rollover waiting for a belly rub had this boy been remotely mine, or if I had any respect for him at all.

And then there's