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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guys That Get Nervous

I suppose it will sound conceited of me to say that I've upheld a reputation of "playing hard to get" in the town I resided in before the current. I plead guilty. And it's been said that I give off a sort of intimidating aura.

I love this.

But what I love more is a guy who will brave my front with subtle signs of nervousness. (Without the nervousness, the guy just comes off cocky and when one plays like he's the shit, I only want to play to conquer him.) It's like giving me a compliment without having to say anything, and you know what they say, actions speak louder than words.

I once knew a guy whose palms would become sweaty anytime I spoke to him more than a minute. (Sounds gross at first but it isn't like your palms become foul in odor as they moisten.) There are few things in this world that make me "giggle" but I clearly remember during one of the times I spent chatting with this guy I went in for his hand and when I noticed that his palms were sweaty...

"Your hands are sweating."
"I know, you make me nervous."
"It happens whenever I talk to you."

Amidst all of my evils—my reputation, my unfemininity, my three year head start in life, etcetera—here was a guy admitting to my intimidation.

It's ironic that giggling is said to be a sign of nervousness. In fact, it may stand true for me; however, I've noticed that the few things I giggle at in life are also the things that turn me on. This is number four.

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