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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guys That Rock A Watch

I suppose this is one of the weirder "fetishes" of mine, and also one I've only recently discovered. That being said, it's also one of the hardest to explain.

I'll start with the time I randomly told my little cousin how I have an automatic attraction to guys with wrist watches. The spasmodic statement occurred while walking into a Catholic church with my family, my four-years-younger godsister by my side. It happened as I spotted a young adult dressed in his Sunday best, wearing a wrist watch.

For those who attend mass every week, you might be able to understand how I pondered on the matter for an hour. For those who don't, well, that's exactly what happened. In that hour I realized that the last two guys I've been involved with wore a wrist watch every day. I also realized the moments in which their watches made me a happy camper.

Exhibit AI lived a thousand miles away from a gentlemen I was exchanging letters with when one day I felt my phone vibrate. My initial thought of course was a text message but when I had went to check, I realized it was a picture mail
from my pen pal. It was simply a photo of his watch. And though at the time it had more sentimental thought and reason behind it, I only remember it for being the watch he wore daily. That alone made my day.

Exhibit B: Waking up to his eyes was one thing. Waking up to his smile was another. But watching him get up and leave was the best. Though bittersweet, it was when he leaned over, picked up his wrist watch, and returned it to where it was before the night began that made me melt.

Any guy can wear a watch on any given day, but I'm not talking about the fashion watches, the interchangeable G-Shocks. What gets me the most is the classic wrist watch a guy wears day in and day out. The leather strapped ones are alright, but it's the heavy metal that kicks it up a notch. It gives a sort of mature look and if a young male is wearing it, it's most likely an heirloom or gift. That speaks millions about one's character. A guy with a close family, or a guy that has been loved and therefore knows how to love.

I watched Pulp Fiction the other night. Great movie. The best part you ask? The Gold Watch.

This is number five.

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Anonymous said...

Or, in some cases, the guy is good at stealing things from stores and is wearing a stolen designer wristwatch.