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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Guys That Are Architect Majors

I suppose I should tell you a little bit more about myself. I'm taking a course on the History of World Architecture for a Humanities requirement and I was spending my first Saturday night of the new semester reading about architecture. Now, you may think that reading for any course is torturous but I enjoy this subject matter, I always have.

My greatest wish in a marriage is being able to completely appreciate my husband's work because I would want him to appreciate my work. If there was one thing I could ask for in a husband, it's that he pursues a career in architecture. Because my father is an architect, I grew up around it for all of my life. I never wanted this to change but I saw myself going down a different career path.

I'm in college (if you haven't figured it out) and I have to admit, the main reason why I chose to attend [a specific institution] is because it offers a degree in [a specific major] in addition to having one of the most recognized architectural programs in the world. In conclusion, I'm surrounded by great modern architecture every day (for the next four years). Another perk is also being surrounded by many prospective architects. This in turn should help me stay surrounded by architecture beyond college. And thus, through this strategic plan, architecture shall never slip from my grasp! Ahem. So...

I once knew a guy who was an architect major also attending [a specific institution] that I met during rush week (also the first week of classes). Let me try to paint you a picture: we were on a boat cruising down the Chicago River. With ladies, gentlemen, music, and the city skyline in the background he introduced himself to me. All that was exchanged were the basics: names, majors, year, hometown, and a joke or two. An average freshman introduction, nothing special. Then we rode a bus back to campus down Lake Shore Drive... "Can I sit by you on that side? I rather look at the buildings."  It wasn't even a cheap shot at trying to get somewhere with me. In fact, we both sat in silence, and it was his pure appreciation for the art of structure that had me note this guy as...something to look forward to.

Amidst all of the college shenanigans—useless chatter, sorority girls, hormones, etcetera—here was a guy with a passion for architecture.

But that seems like forever ago... Oh, did I mention that he's coincidentally enrolled in the same History of World Architecture class.

Real architect I would have married: Le Corbusier

Faux architect I would have married: Tom Hansen

I understand that the probability of me actually marrying an "ideal" is unlikely but the idea of it potentially happening is a turn on. That is why, this is number two.

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Anonymous said...

less you're talking about the city, there isnt *much* architecture to be surrounded by on campus.... :P