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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guys That Don't Have Facebook

For the simple reason that I don't like this urge to want to stalk and creep on the guys that can get me all flustered. And on the flip side, I don't like knowing that a guy I have interest in can stalk and creep on me. (He might find out he's not the only one I'm poking.)

Okay, but more seriously, it makes thing simple in a sense. I feel like people have to constantly prove their interest in one another. For example, Valentine's Day. In this day and age that task is a little bit more complicated than flowers and chocolates. Cellphones expected us to converse for hours before bed. Text messaging expected us to converse during class or work. Facebook expects us to converse for eternity through all the periods inbetween.

Of all the guys I've associated myself with and can think of at this moment, only one has never had a Facebook. Make that none.

When I first met the guy that used to be that "only one" he refused everyone's request for him to create an account. Why, I'm not too sure. But, I never had to worry about how interested he was in me because he never poked me, or how much he actually cared because he never comments on my statuses, if he thought I was really cute because he never liked any of my pictures, if he ever thought of me when we're not together because he never posts on my wall. He never could to begin with. Well, as can be assumed, he has one now. Why, I'm not too sure. But how he is able to actually use it, well that I can say I'm sure is my fault...

In another case, there was a guy who only used his Facebook account to accumulate "friends." Whether this is really the reason I'm not sure but it seems so because he honestly doesn't use it for any other purpose, that I knew of. The same worrilessness applies, however, when you have an account, an account can be tagged in photos, posts, etc. And if the guilt of watching pornography feels anything like the guilt of Facebook stalking, I never want to watch pornography. Guilt is not a pleasure I particularly prefer.

This is number seven.

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