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A Second Update From Your Author (6 March 2012): This is becoming an aspiration to define the term "love." An aspiration because it is that very thing I find hard to describe with words. But every then and again I come across someone who achieves to do so to some extent. You can find these quotes I call fancy structures of words in "special entries."

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Guys That Aren't Accustomed To Complimenting

They say every girl wants to be told she's beautiful.

They haven't met me. I know I'm not "beautiful." I may be a thousand other things that can be mistaken for beauty but that only means one should think harder about what it really is about me that interests them.

And when one has finally realized what that particular thing is, nurture it.

There was this particular guy I used to conversate with daily, watch movies with on the weekends, and lust after during all hours in between. This went on for a short number of months. It finally reached a point where I'd find myself hanging out with him and his friends in the middle of the day. As things usually goes, the strong connection grew weak. And just when I began to believe I no longer existed in his heart and mind, it was after a spontaneous lunch with the bunch that I received a text: "Hey, you were really chill yesterday. (:" Now though this could be read as, "You started acting like a crazy bitch so I stopped hanging out with you," I took it with the utmost optimism. I realized during all the months we spent closer together, he had never complimented me on anything. And here he was appreciating a beautiful characteristic long after witnessing it.

(And truthfully, I was starting to act like a crazy bitch...
like a Nick Twisp towards a nonchalant Sheeni.)
The fact of the matter is, I can appreciate what someone appreciates in me more when they're not always appreciating it. And that's why this is number eight.


fray said...

I really have to admire your ability to put the most esoteric aspects of relationships into words. Beautiful, flowing words at that. Never stop writing. (ps, I'd be very interested in seeing what else you're capable of, with other topics)

Thirty-Nine Fifty said...

Well thank you. Unfortunately, when I "ended" this blog a few months ago I started writing about films, which is one of the few things I'm genuinely obsessed about, but I just wasn't feeling my writing about it, not as much as I do this.