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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Guys That Can Appreciate The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls is the foundation of my childhood. I lived, ate, and breathed PPG. Literally. Everything from the television series, to the movie, to the backpacks and school supplies, to the stuffed dolls, to the coloring books, to the Halloween costumes, and even the cereal (whose superpowers came in the form of pop rock candy), made up the little joy found in my upbringing. Now and days, I get that joy from the "Ahh" moments of talking nostalgic about the 90's with other early 90's/late 80's babies. Yes, among conversations of Britney Spears, Von Dutch trucker caps, and AOL dial up, I would be the one to bring up PPG,

though there were plenty of great Cartoon Network animations of the 90's like other projects Craig McCracken worked on. Dexter's Laboratory being one of them, was the reason why it was mentioned in a conversation that resulted in me bringing my newly Christmas presented 10th anniversary PPG DVD collection to my college campus. At the time, I spent numerous nights at the open-spaced architectural studio where mates of mine would, without subtlety, play movies. It was agreed upon once that a PPG marathon would be the night's feature presentation. A gent I previously met was there that night and questioned me about the coveted pink, green, and blue box I held in my hands. After embarrassingly stating the almost obvious, similarly he replied that his favorite 90's cartoon was the previously mentioned male counterpart Dexter's Laboratory. Now, I didn't call Destiny because these series are a lot of people's favorites, but there was a brief air of smittenness in that moment.

To this day I still find things to love about the Powerpuff Girls. Like the fact that I never noticed as a child that the Professor sat stylishly in an Eames Lounge while puffin on his pipe. I suppose what attracts me the most to male fans of the children's hit series is the idea of being able to watch it together when we're old and still getting a kick out of it, (and Chia Pet commercials and Poo-Chis and fuckin Furby). That's why this is number twenty.

Electronics used to be cool.

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