An Update From The Author: Saying I'm not an advocate of relationships was probably misleading. To satisfy your curiosity of my personal view on the subject matter, direct yourself to "The End.," the last post written in February 2011. (This also entails the purpose of this literature as a whole.)
A Second Update From Your Author (6 March 2012): This is becoming an aspiration to define the term "love." An aspiration because it is that very thing I find hard to describe with words. But every then and again I come across someone who achieves to do so to some extent. You can find these quotes I call fancy structures of words in "special entries."

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Guys That Prefer Drum Sticks Over Guitar Picks

Since I've already opened up roughly about how I run this blog, it wouldn't be too much to expose it a little bit more. I have in the past jotted "drafts" for future posts. Most of them were never finished and published, (though there weren't very many). I talked before about having to be inspired by a situation before being able to write about a topic well enough. Like a miracle, the night I published that post I met someone who re-inspired one of my old drafts.

There's a cliche out there that says any guy who can serenade a girl with his guitar will win her heart. There's also a little known fact out there that says I don't have much of a cliched heart to be won. But what does keep my blood organ beating, are the beats of a drum.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Guy That Doesn't Say "I love you."

I must admit, it has been a while. Obviously I couldn't keep up with writing posts on a weekly basis, but it turns out even writing monthly is difficult for me. In part there has been so much going on in my academic life that finding the time slot to sit and write is difficult. But on a larger fault, I haven't been inspired to write about anything, about anyone. Anyone other than [name of a particular male].

Letting you in on the systemic thought process of writing this blog, I will tell you that I tend to be inspired by recent happenings that conjure thoughts of past recollections. Other times when absolutely necessary, (like when I was writing once a week), I would think of certain people who have made an impression on me most recent to that date and write about their impressions. In the past month however, every time I want to write a new post I realize it's always about the same gentleman and feel that constantly writing about him is unjust to the initial purpose of this blog.

But it's been long enough and I owe some sort of text on the matters of appeal. Whether it be fortunate or unfortunate, (I have not yet decided), the appropriate thing to do this time around is tell you of the secret of my lifetime: I'm in love and it's not complicated, until you ask who/how/when/where/why/what.